I'm Back!

Wow, It's been forever since I have written anything on here! My apologies extend to you all. I am going to try harder to blog more, especially since I have only one week left of school. Finals are this coming week then its 4 weeks off for some r&r. I am completely stressed for tests as I am always around this time of year. I just am a terrible test taker. I panic and forget everything, so it seems. Maybe this time around it'll be different. I've got some grades on the line so I'm quite nervous about my performance. Taking 22 hours was not a good idea, but if I can hold on for one more semester then I can graduate!!

This semester has been a good one for the most part. I am not enjoying Stillwater very much. I guess its because most of my friends are already gone and I've got most of my friends in Edmond now. I have made due and if I can deal with it for one more time then before I know it I'll be out!

Life has been good and I cannot complain. I've got a special someone in my life now and couldn't be more content and happy. Our OSU cowboys have had an extremely successful football season and everyone I know is healthy and doing good.

In two weeks Jonathan and I and his roommate Denver and his girlfriend Stephanie are all going to Walt Disney World for the Christmas festivities. Since I still work for the company I get free tickets and have had some left over and could not stand to let them go to waste so we're all going. It's suppose to be 80 when we get there and I cannot wait!!!!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of months:

Jonathan and I at Bedlam-unfortunately he roots for the other team
In October I was in my friend Amanda's wedding in a beautiful plantation town down south of Jacksonville Florida. We met when we both worked for Disney. Here we are just being silly!
Jonathan making one of his funny expressions with some goofy glasses he found. He makes me laugh a lot! At the Coldplay concert! It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I've seen a lot of great concerts but this one has been by far the best! They put on a fantastic show!
Here are more pictures below:

Chris Martin-lead singer

End of August I went to Florida to work and my friends and I went to the Blue Man Group-we got Blue Man kisses!

Wedding Time!

This past weekend was a big family wedding for our family. My cousin Brian who's my age married his long time girlfriend ever since high school. I cannot believe he is married. It was a beautiful wedding and we all had such a wonderful evening. Not to mention my brother was the photographer of the event! He has got his hands full right now trying to get them ready to go but they look amazing! Here are just my own pictures of the wedding. I'm sure soon he'll post his pictures on his blog!

granddaddy gettin' his kisses from his girls!

dancin' time-my bro doing a great sprinkler

sarah, the beautiful bride!

my cousin Tracy and I dancing the night away!
the Haynie family

Summer is coming to an end!

What a summer this one has been! I do have to say this has been quite an odd summer and Im really ready for it to be over actually. Next week is my last week of freedom so I'll be heading to the lake with my besties and then heading to my cousins wedding. Once school starts I'll be there for 3 days then off to the Florida Keys! Looking forward to these next couple of weeks. Here is some pictures from the past couple of weeks of my summer.

Cabin 10 at LCCC

Mom and I at Branson golfing

Forth of July

One of my dearest friends Vanessa and I at LCCC
last year counseling together for a while =(
LCCC banquet


Earlier this summer at lake draper

Brother and I on the jetski
At Harrison Pool in Austin

My Summer So Far

It's crazy how I feel so much more busy in the summertime than I do during the rest of the year. I'm still trekking through summer school and just started on a new class-statistics. It's not bad right now but we just go through everything so dang fast. Unfortunately the rest of July is only going to get busier! This past weekend my parents wanted to get away for the 4th so they decided to go to Branson. Honestly I hate that place but it wasn't too bad. We got to golf Friday afternoon at a beautiful course. Afterwards the course had a big meal for us and we sat out on the course and watched fireworks. I go back Wednesday to the doctor to see how my jaw is healing. I'm crossing my fingers that everything is doing well so that I don't have to get an MRI and go to phase 2. Well I have loads and loads of laundry to do so I better get to it! 


Nothing huge is going on in my life right now. No fascinating things have happened to me nor any great traveling experiences. God has been continuously blessing my life though and I cannot complain. After Mexico I have made some great friends whom are wonderful and so much fun to be around. I am also taking 10 hours of summer school and that isn't very fun. I hate sitting for five hours every day pretty much just day dreaming or doodling. My roommate Ciara is gone all summer for an internship so Im stuck in Stillwater by myself. Its not too bad since I stay so busy on the weekends but I do wish she was here. A couple of weeks ago I got to get out to LCCC and do a bit of counseling. I wasn't going to counsel at sr. session in July but I just cannot stand to think about me not getting to be there so Im going to suck it up and juggle both school and camp. Since I get easily bored up here this summer I've decided to pick up and practice some hobbies. I start taking golf lessons and guitar lessons soon. I'm really excited to get going on these hobbies that I can carry out throughout my life. Well I just completely skipped my last class to watch the sudden death of the us. open so I better get back to watching it! Have a great week!!!!!!

Hola! Recap from Mexico

I just recently got back from my first mission trip to Piedris Negris . Memorial Road is working on building a special school for handicapped children. One of the requirements is that if they attend this school then they must attend a special church which will be added on to it. It will be a large school and still has a couple more years until it will be complete but they will start the school long before everything is done. Their are 40 spots which are already filled and at least 100 + on the waiting list. People who have handicapped children never attend church because their child can be disruptive so that is part of the efforts for those families. Last year when the singles group was down there a tornado destroyed everything that they had built. They say now that it is a huge blessing that it happened bc with the special missions contributions the project is alot further along then it normally would have been.

I have never been out of the country so it was quite an experience for me. We ate delicious food and so many great moments with everyone.Max Pope and his brother-in-law Kenny were head of this trip and I couldn't have asked for better men. Max spoiled us so much and was just so fun to get to know too! The work was hard not to mention the 110 degree weather we had but we overcame it all and its something that I'll never forget!

part of the school-the 3rd level

Josua's daughters

trying to lay brick but I wasn't any good at it!

squeaks and his big brother-he got the name
bc his shoes squeaked when he walked

the sprinters getting stuck in the san antonio
airport parking garage!

my fav. Kiley Spencer!

The remaining crew after we had dropped
ppl off in Dallas on the way home.

Yay for Sergio!!!

I cannot believe I would ever sit for four days in front of a TV and watch a golf tournament but here I am caught up in it! I've tried to play the game and maybe its because Im so terrible at it but I've never really gotten into the sport until my recent visit to see my first PGA tournament live. I probably annoyed my dad and brother but I actually learned what it meant to shoot 4 over or GIR. It all makes sense now from learning everything about the game of golf. When I watch it now on TV I know who the players are from seeing them in person and really appreciating and understanding the game. I have great respect for the players now just from learning how difficult those courses are and still playing on top of their game even in the worse weather conditions. I still have a lot more to learn but I think the golf channel and studying the pga website shall help some with also the great insite from my dad and brother. Maybe this summer I can go start hitting some balls at the driving range. I wouldn't say Sergio is my favorite yet and since I've just started getting into this I won't reveil my favorite for a long while until I've been really imersed into it. I was excited for Sergio to win the Players though since hes been in a slump but it would have been a victorious day for Goydos as well.

-On another note I had a fun weekend! I got to head up to Stillwater Friday to see my close friends from being gone to Florida so that was nice! Sat. I made a trek to Weatherford to see my good friend Hope graduate from college. After our freshman year and all our screw ups its nice to see her get that degree, not much longer for me as well-thank goodness. Today both grandparents came up and we all celebrated mothers day. It was a great day with family!

Well off to watch the highlights then hit the sack...Im subsitute teaching a bunch of third graders tomorrow!!

Early Morning at the Airport~

Well here I am its 5 am and I got to the airport way to early so I decided to blog since I have a couple of hours to burn. Im heading back home to Oklahoma from Florida. I was suppose to come home yesterday but because of the storms and such im glad I didn't. I flew in last Friday since I didn't have a final and stayed until today. I worked at WDW at my work location to put in my time for the six month period. The weather down here was absoultely perfect. It was in the nineties but not so humid. I shall give you a tip. Never EVER go to Disney World June-Oct. Just take my word for it. Its pry the worst heat/humidity ever. At least in Ok in the evenings it cools off some but not here. You even sweat at night just walking to your car and the humitity is so horrid. I spent a good couple of days by the different resort pools and got quite an uncomfortable burn/tan. Im kinda dreading this flight home because of that. If you stay at a Disney Resort then you get free transportation to and from the airport called the Disney's Magical Express. Its quite handy. Disney even picks up your luggage for you and has it delivered to your room without you having to see it or mess with it. Same goes on the way home too. Quite a deal! Disney has truely thought of everything. But anyhoo since my flight is at 7:15 we had to leave the hotel by 4:15 so thats why Im here so dang early. Its kinda hard to leave here esp. after getting use to being back here, working, and just being in those parks! Im so in love with that place. I think about it way too often so maybe this is place I should be for a while. Who knows?!! Anyhoo...once I get home Im sleeping all day and night! Well I better go stretch my legs and pick up a magazine before I board! I'll put up pictures tomorrow. So long for now-

PGA GOLF TOURNAMENTS....my new favorite thing!

Heres the course where the tournament was held with the 4 seasons in the background!
This weekend my family got an awesome opportunity to go to the Byron Nelson PGA Championship golf tournament in Irving Texas at the Four Seasons. I was looking forward to get to be on a beautiful golf course and get to see some of the pros but to be honest I was just looking forward to some family time and getting to stuff my face in the suite on the 18th green that we got with our tickets. Well right as we got there on Friday we walked straight to hole 1 around the fairway. All of the sudden Adam Scott and Sergio Garcia were walking down the fairway to the green. I've never seen a pro in person and they looked quite prestigious!!! Ok honestly they looked VERY actractive bc a. they are really good at the game and b. they can pull off some great clothes by their sponsors. Ok sorry I sound like a 13 year old! What sold the deal though was after they finished hole 1 they were walking up their special path to the tee box on 2. We were just standing back away from the crowd and all of the sudden Sergio Garcia walked up and gave me that look!!! My brother and mom got so excited that a pro checked me out that we all had a good laugh about it. I would like to say that the rest of the time we followed him around he kept looking over at me. Not sure, he could have or was just looking at the crowd. I would like to dream it though! Maybe I should have given his caddy my number to have him call me. lol-I sound soo teenagerish but its something funny to look back on. That moment def. sold me on wanting to be there the whole day after all. The rest of the time we followed other pro's and got to see some amazing golfers. Its really fascinating to watch in person bc they are soo good and can hit it to the green usually in a couple strokes so the game goes by soo fast. Overall it was a fabulous time getting to experience this wonderful event. I can't wait until next year now!! Maybe Sergio will remember me....haha! Just kidding!!
Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Here is Adam Scott who
won it by sinking a 48 foot putt-and very beautiful!

Ryan Moore-like him alot!
----And I just had to put up a pic of Serg for laughs!!

Almost Done!!!.....this semester at least

Life has been crazy with weekend activites and projects of all sorts due. Thankfully this week is dead week and next week is finals. I cannot wait until May 2 then I'll be all done! May 3rd I'll be heading out to Florida again to work a couple shifts and of course see all my friends down there. I cannot wait. I'll get back on the 8th then head to my best friend from high schools graduation at OU then head to Weatherford for my other close friend Hope's graduation. After that is Mothers Day then my best friend Jessies b-day so I've got alot going on in May not to mention the mission trip to Mexico I'll be going on. I have been praying that God will open my eyes and heart to the things unseen and to bless everyone I come in contact with down there. June will be a little more consistant. I've got a couple classes I'm taking and one of the classes is in Tulsa so Monday-Thursday nights from 6-8 I've got to take this stinkin class. Im going to take the really nice OSU Transit Charter bus that makes many round trips daily to OSU-Tulsa daily. Its 14 dollars round trip but I figure its cheaper than me driving myself and having to pay toll fees as well and my parents feel safer if I did too. Hopefully I can get some homework done too! July I hope I can work a little more and get some extra money which is in great need right now. I am only taking 1 class which I don't even want to say bc I hate it that much....business and econ stat! Im not good at this kind of math only algebra stuff I can do so I don't even want to attempt at it again but I have to so I thought I would get it done in 4 weeks instead of 16. I just hope I can be at LCCC this year. That place is so amazing and special that I don't think I could bear not being out there one year. Anyhoo thats all I got right now. Time for bed!

My Wonderful Day of Spin, Sushi, Ice cream, and Wet Shoes!!

Well I hope nobody has drowned by now from all of the stinkin rain we've been getting! Unfortunately Wednesdays are my busiest days ever so I had to go to class today and turn in assignments and all. After my first class and working all morning on a paper thats when the down pour occured. Luckily I had manage to grab an umbrella on the way out the door and thankfully it kept me somewhat dry walking to my next class. After I got out I couldn't believe how flooded the streets and sidewalks were on campus. My friend Ashley and I decided to take a different route and ending up wading through what it seemed like rivers of water. Therefore my jeans and shoes were soaked! It was the worse feeling walking around in squishy wet shoes. I hoped a ride home and managed to change and get up to my next class. Im trying to get back into the swing of spin class again so I made myself go. If you ever want to get tone and shed some pounds go to spin for a semester! Its really not that bad as they make it out to be. I felt pretty good afterwards and then my girlfriends and I went to the sushi house for some delicious sushi. I tried the Oklahoma roll and its now my new favorite!! After being a health major and having all these nutrition and exercise classes being embedded into my thinking I can't help but try to somewhat make healthier choices. It's quite hard though when your friends drag you to Braums. It's hard to say no to some delicious ice cream. Also Braums got 8 new flavors! Woo Hoo! I tried the bread pudding today=AMAZING! Oh and also my advisor and I worked on my graduation check list. Its so nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Well I finally got home and just my luck its quit raining. I'm going to watch some Idol and then head back up to the gym to lift. After all my day wasn't so bad!

I wanna be back in Florida!!

As much as I love Oklahoma I'm craving being back in Orlando. I could never ever permantely live there but I would love to move back down there for another 6 months to a year to live it up some more. Besides some of the ways Disney is with their employee's I loved every second of it! The life I lived there was so wonderful. I met soo many friends from around the world so now I have an excuss to go travel to see them. As you know I am obsessed with Disney World. You'll never catch me in Disney clothes or have posters around my room with princesses but I love the feeling of being in Disney World. I've associated soo many memories with family and friends at that place that Its a very special place to me. I loved being at work too! I worked at the Magic Kingdom in Adventureland and there I met some of the best of friends! I loved working night shifts when the park wasn't crowded and getting to visit more with all my co-workers and get to watch Wishes (most amazing firework show) every single night! I loved getting to visit with guests from all around the world. I met some of the most interesting people! I loved on our days off just hoping in our car and driving over to Epcot or Magic Kingdom just to go eat somewhere or ride a couple rides or see an amazing show there. It was the life! We also went to the beach alot too. As you can see Its hard to be back home sometime but home is where my heart is.Here are some pics from my time down there.

Ciara and i eating a Kitchen Sink when my family came to visit. It has over a dozen different scopes of ice cream, 2 cans of whip cream, jars and jars of toppings, etc...It was delicious!!

My boss the Mouse!

Girl trip to Daytona Beach

Billy, Amy, and I posing for a pic at one of our rides we worked. This is Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride.

The other attraction I worked, the Tiki Room. Sweet costume huh? It wasn't bad compared to other costumes cast members had to wear in the parks.

Reflections of Cinderella's Castle!

College Program Graduation. Me, Jamie, Billy, Lyndsey, and Krissy enjoying the day in our sweet hats! lol

getting into the park before its opened! So beautiful

this is the amazing Wishes! My brother took this picture when he did the program in '05.

this is adventureland where I worked!

When my family came to visit me!

Homework on a Saturday!!

So here I am on a Saturday morning doing homework! I don't think in all my years of college have I ever done homework on a Saturday but I have no choice. Next week is probably one of my craziest weeks ever!! I guess this is what I get for not doing a single thing over spring break. Im a thinking if I can just get through this last month then I've got the whole month of May for some vacation and r & r. Im getting excited because in May Im heading to Disney World to put in some hours at work, see my friends, beach time, and try on my bridesmaid dress for my friends Amanda's wedding. Then its off to Mexico. I have only the month of May for freedom then its 17 hours of summer school so Im trying to squeeze in everything possible that I want to do in that month.

this and that

Spring break is over and I'm actually quite happy. Its makes me excited to get back into my routine and get done with school for this semester. Unfortunately I'm taking a total of 17 hours this summer so I won't have much of one but I've got the whole month of May to get out and about! My friends Sean Jamie and Chad all came over the past couple of weeks to visit Oklahoma for the first time. I was nervous we weren't going to find anything to do but I took them to Tulsa to see the praying hands and the huge driller then we went to OKC to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Bombing Memorial, and Pops. I just had to take them to Eischens for the best fried chicken then topped if off in good 'ol Kingfisher to show them where I grew up. Here are a couple of pics. My camera wasn't working when Sean was here but here's a picture of him when we hung out in Florida in January. The others are of Jamie and her boyfriend Chad. Jamie is quite an amazing person who always keeps me on my toes. We worked together at Disney World and became inseperable!!