Life is hard. It seems like every time you turn around you hear constant bad news. Sometimes it's a tragedy, an un expectant divorce, or someone you know thats just down on their luck. Prayer requests in church seem to grow and grow. I always tell people "I'll pray for you!" I really do but do I do it enough? No. I'll always mention it every day that I pray but I feel ashamed that I don't do it more. Is it because my life is so consumed with pointless things that fill my time? It shouldn't but it does. It's my struggle. The TV, radio, internet, are some of the few things that really take over me. Not even all of it is from technology either. Time management is my own enemy. I've always believed and witnessed to the power of prayer but my laziness is getting in the way of praying without ceasing. I need to get in the habit of being still and living a quite life of listening and talking to the Almighty. At the bottom of this post are two people that really need some prayers lifted up right now. I've made it my mission to pray without ceasing for these two people. I don't know one of them but her story just broke my heart and I cannot stop thinking about her and her family. The second one I know fairly well but I just haven't gotten a chance to meet her yet.

If you are a prayer warrior, please please send some request up to the Big Man!