It's Here

Yep, I have finally entered in the wonderful world called adulthood.

1. I just got a Sam's Club membership.
2. The only magazines that I am interested in are Better Homes & Garden, and Real Simple.
3. I am paying for majority of my bills (minus the car insurance-thanks Dad).
4. I spend more time shopping for flowers and plants than clothing or even groceries!
5. I've finally accepted that I can't see my best friends on a daily basis. Also that now we have to set a date and time to see each other unlike the good 'ol days where we could just always drop in or do things spur of the moment.
6. I get excited when my house is clean.
7. I love to wake up early enough to brew me a cup of joe and watch The Today Show.
8. I have hard core puppy fever. You know how women have this with wanting a baby but I'm this way with wanting a dog!
9. I'm in to couponing (is that even a word) and saving money.
10. Ending the day with a good home cooked meal and watching the news.

Wow, I sound pretty boring! Hopefully before I have children I can redeem myself by visiting cool places and having interesting hobbies. I guess I better start saving! What's your best advice for a post college age kid like me?