Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This may come as a shock to you (not really) but I'm a loyal Disney World fan. When I lived there I never once went to Universal Studios. Also, to clear things up, Universal Studios is NOT a part of Walt Disney World. Anyhoo, I knew it would be fun but why spend 70 bucks when you could go to Disney World for free. When we had a day off, my friends and I would pile up in the car and drive as far away from Orlando as we could and get to the beach for some r&r. One month we went about every week. I've just never had the urge or desire to go to Universal, until now. I'm not a die hard Harry Potter Fan but I really do want to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It looks incredible! Disney has some competition for sure but I'm hoping the new Fantasyland will be just as amazing here in a couple years. This article was really interesting reading about what it was like opening day of the Wizarding World.